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Thursday, December 29, 2011

...and the rest of 2011

Well this year has been so busy that I have hardly taken any pictures since September. That's when Family Guy started his new job and to be honest the change threw me into a downward spiral of depression that I'm just now shaking off and EVERYTHING fell to the wayside for me. Depression and scheduling changes have left me completely lost as far as organization. Speaking of organization... here are a few photos of what The Burrow is like when actually organized and full of positive vibes. Unfortunately I think its been a while since we've enjoyed this element of calm.

A healed version of my first tattoo (the non bloody version):

My favorite Halloween/Samhain photos:

Check out my costume yo... a 2011 twist on the classic hippie. And one of my kids was a cop. Lol... that wasn't even planned!

Officer Loaf Tornado, The "Halloween Police".

See... the protesters and police can get along! All it takes is cookies!!

Whoa Tornado's cat costume... meow and stuff. :-)

Meatball Tornado's adorable costume...

My sis, my kids, children of fam friends...

Happy Halloween from The Herrman Clan!

Introducing our newest addition, our parakeet Mordecai! He came home to The Burrow back on November 13th.

Taming Mordecai:

I had hoped for him to be my "familiar" but Family Guy is by far his favorite.

...and that's pretty much it. Although we had a very nice holiday season I just didn't get around to photo documenting it this year.

1 comment:

*Sothis Dhampir* said...

Awesome! Makes me wish I had the energy to photo blog.