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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The September Update, Sans Xanax

...because I was so frazzled yesterday I really did have to knock myself out to sleep with a Xanax. But I'm awake now!

Once again lets muster up some energy:

School is back in session, welcome to first grade...

...and miracle of all miracles we are about four weeks or so back in school and we are not hearing out of Willow "I hate school, I don't wanna go!" like we were last year. Actually the REAL Willow is like me, a total geek who loves to learn and loves to read. But last year some punk ass kid was giving her crap and totally ruined it for her. Said punk ass is in her class again this year but Robbie and I are harassing checking in periodically with the teacher to make sure there is no trouble and so far there hasn't been. And so far W. is at the top of her class and reading at a third grade level or so. It seems like she's having a much better first grade experience than I did... which is a story for another time.

That time of year has already come (and gone) around again:

9/11 never passes unnoticed for me, and quite honestly for most people I know. Even my job observed a moment of silence at 8:46 Eastern time, and being in retail that's saying something. All the employees and customers had to stop everything, drop everything and STFU. Luckily I wasn't at work but quietly at home with my family where we had our own moments of silence.
But this anniversary of one of the worst days in our country's history really stood out not only because it has been ten years, but because this was the first time one of my children has asked about it. Yahoo News had been running a ton of stories and videos on remembering 9/11 and I tried to tell myself "No don't look at all those and get sucked back into it" but of course I did. And Willow walked by at some point as a plane slammed into a tower and said, "WHAT is THAT?" Oh my. I wasn't quite prepared for this conversation. It's not the birds and the bees, but its still not one I would have looked forward to.

Me: "Well...um... this was an attack that happened to our country back in 2001. It's been almost ten years ago so they have been talking a lot about it on the news."

W: "2001? I wasn't born. Was I in your tummy?"

Me: "No this was way before that even."

W: "Why... why would someone fly a plane into a building?"

ME: "That's a question EVERYONE asked and no one really has ever understood."

W: "But... were there people in those buildings?"

Me: "Yes."

W: "Did they die?"

Me: "Yes, baby. A lot of them did."

W: (brow furrowed) Did that happen in REAL life?"

Me: "Yes, baby. It was real."

And then Willow got this glazed look in her eyes, not a look of the horror of trying to grasp all of this, or not even a look of not being ABLE to understand. It was the look of the typical six-year-old-attention-span-eyes-sliding-away-and-wondering-what-was-coming-on-Cartoon-Network-soon look. And just like that she was off to play. Oh how nice it would be to have the attention span of a six year old and just to move happily on...

On August 29th Meatball (Miles) started walking full time...

Self explained.

The Vacuum.

This is THE VACUUM. It is the boys' absolute favorite toy. Every morning they flock to it. Trent received it for Christmas last year. Just think... one day the vacuum will be replaced by video games. I think I'm going to be sick just thinking about it.

Here's Trent. The Loaf. 'Cause he's awesome:

That Mini Van Sticker. You've all seen it. 75% of mini van drivers must advertise their family in stick figure form. I gave into the cult months ago and this is The Herrman Clan... as crappy drawings!

Robbie always BBQing, me geeking out with a book, Willow future Girl Scout member, the boys just bein' babies, and the CAT with his many nicknames.

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