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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Let's watch Hoarders! No wait, nosing out the window is more fun!

Well, first things first... and that would be the first day of first grade for Willow/Chocolate/The Whoa last Monday! Hubby got this picture for me, so nice of him to think of it since I didn't. I think I overslept that morning.

Isn't she a doll? Don't tell her that though, dolls creep her out. : /

As I've probably mentioned on Facebook or on some other form of social media I am obsessed with the shows Hoarding: Buried Alive and Hoarders. I only discovered them this year and never miss an episode. I'm a clean freak (even though our ramshackle Burrow is in constant chaos and may never look especially tidy because I can't keep up with the Tornadoes trust me when I say I spend every moment my eyes are open cleaning). So I just can't understand hoarding. Everytime I watch these shows I just think to myself that a can of gasoline and a match would solve the whole problem. Or I think of a Simpson line from when Homer Simpson had to attend a parenting class: "Garbage in garbage can? Hmm... makes sense!" But then its not a mental disorder that I suffer from.

Now usually in powers of general observation I have, well, next to none. I am the epitome of "been living under a rock." No, I didn't notice your $400 shoes. No, I couldn't care less what the neighbors are driving. But after we sent The Whoa/Chocolate off to school my husband got distracted by noises outside of our windows. And lo and behold look what he found to the recently abandoned house on the left side of us:

The workmen were just throwing the junk out of the windows. Then when they came out all wearing air masks (just like you'd see on Hoarders) I have to say I was a little surprised. But we'd heard rumors about the condition that house had been kept in. They were animal hoarders. I know at one time they had somewhere around 10 indoor cats.

(Our one cat was so kind to model in this picture for me to make my point in the story).

As the workmen worked the next several days on it some of the smells drifted into our yard... the smell of pure cat waste closed up in an unairconditioned house at 150 degress for a month or so. Yum. And by the way, here's a scene from inside the house of horrors:

And yes, its exactly what you think it is. Wishing much luck to those in charge of the project of restoring that home.

OK... so... two random pics of the boys this week, Meatball:

And the Loaf:

And last but not least, I had a teeny tiny bit of spending money this week. And I found T shirt that is so totally me:

I think I will be in my 50s and still shopping in the juniors section. Meh.

1 comment:

*Sothis Dhampir* said...

bwahahaha! The pics of the Loaves, the shirt and the Hunt-bit are all sooo awesome!! And the hoarders...man....wish I could see that! :D