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Saturday, August 20, 2011

On the Right Track, Baby!

It's that bi-monthly time of the month (that I'm not much fond of) again... the time when "Chocolate" (the oldest, our six year old) goes off for a 24 hour visit to her biological father.

Well, to get going... first things first:

Ah, much better! Now a little mood music while we shuffle around trying to get her stuff together. Her personal request:

Now it's off to half ass-edly get her an overnight bag together. "Hey Chocolate!" I call, "Where's your dinosaur bag?" "Um... in my mess of a closet?" she answers.

You don't say? Of course, it's NOT.

So good ol' Wal Mart bag to the rescue. See? They are recyclable! Now to just find some pjs...

Of course... nothing there except her brother, Meatball. Oh well, her granny will find her some when she's there (in case you are curious Chocolate's biological dad is 35, eternally unemployed, and lives in a dark room within his parents' home). Before leaving Chocolate's room I remember her latest obsession, her "Krusty Krab Playset":

A gift from her Auntie: a real pink starfish and yellow sponge from Padre Island. And the bug-catcher next to it just happens to be shaped like the Krusty Krab. This little treasure will not be leaving The Burrow to go to see Biological Dad though. Ah... and now we wait. How to pass the time? Oh, right... Chocolate's Lady Gaga playlist:

I mean come on... how can you NOT dance to Lady Gaga? Oh... here comes her other brother, Loafie, to join in:

Loafie's favorite song in the world is "Born This Way." He's not going to appreciate it when I bring this up to him in about 10 years. Well... onward with the day as Chocolate has now been shipped off... "I'm on the right track, baby!"


Tears of a Dragon said...

Thank goodness I am not alone in liking Lady Gaga! You wouldn't believe how hostile people around here are towards her. Just because she isn't a cookie cutter redneck hillbilly! LOL

I can't believe how big your clan is getting! The last time I saw Whoa in person she couldn't walk yet! Wow!

Winter Slytherin @ Mother Moons said...

My daughter turned me onto Lady Gaga. I know if I didn't have my daughter around I'd be completely out of touch! I do remember that last time I saw you. Willow was in a stroller! Now she's dying to be a teenager.