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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to "The Burrow" - Our Family Page and Photoblog

Because maintaining life as both a stay at home mom and wife that provides additional income and keeping my sanity during it all is like running a small business. Might as well take credit for my work. ;-)

About "The Burrow":
The Weasleys are a low income magical family in the Harry Potter world and their home is called "The Burrow". They have seven kids and while their home isn't anyone's dream home the love and loyalty inside is most everyone's dream. Our home is much like that, but without the 7 kids. 3 is quite enough. ;-)

Stay At Home Mom/Domestic Goddess (although I do work outside the home at night for supplemental income) · Dec 2008 to present · Fort Worth, Texas

Creating harmony and magic among: 3 little tornadoes... uh... I mean, children, endless Spongebob reruns, an unusually out there but awesome business partner/husband, maintaining "company" records and bookkeeping since 2008.



Tears of a Dragon said...

Ta one time I would have wanted as many arms as that girl has in the picture so I could get things done faster. But now that the PsA is getting worse I am so glad I only have two shoulders to flare up! LOL

Winter Slytherin @ Mother Moons said...

I know what you mean. Well I guess those multi-armed goddesses never had to worry about their bodies eventually breaking down. Welcome to my little blog!